Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't work?

Traditional marketing is based on outbound techniques such as cold calling, billboards, TV and radio advertisement. Most businesses have adapted to new marketing techniques social media, mobile-friendly website, search engine optimization, social media ads and Google ads. Even the companies that did adapt are they seeing results? The reason why is that the digital space is growing every day, the marketplace is always evolving due to faster technological change, and people are becoming more aware of marketing. The tactics that worked a year ago don't yield the same results.  

  • 4 billion internet users

  • Over 1 billion websites

  • 3.5 billion Google searches a day and growing

  • 90% of the worlds data was created in just two years

  • Over 1 billion people use Facebook


How should you fix it? 

It's simple we are here to help contact us, and we will take over the growth of your business. While we empower you and your team to do what you do best. We are a growth agency redefining the status quo of traditional marketing by working from the ground-up to deliver growth for businesses. We focus on the growth of the businesses by optimizing the inner workings and delivering more customers through Inbound Marketing powered by AI, Event Marketing, Media Production, and Full Stack Development. We have a proven track record with businesses in Biotech, Retail, Real Estate, Construction, Healthcare, Fitness, and Restaurants. We have empowered our clients and increased their traffic over 300% in the first three months.

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Inbound marketing allows you to work more efficiently than traditional outbound marketing. Whether your company is small or large, inbound is 10x more effective in increasing website traffic, sales, lead generation, and customer loyalty. An essential component of inbound marketing is creating remarkable content then sharing it with the world. Content is the voice of your brand which appeals to your ideal customers. Inbound marketing attracts prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more. In turn, allowing you to convert, close, and delight the customer into a promoter.

All the benefits

  • Companies are 3x as likely to see a higher ROI on inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound

  • 89% of online consumer use search engines when making a purchase decision

  • Over 2 billion people use Facebook, including 82 percent of 18 to 29 year olds, 79 percent of consumers 30 to 49, and 64 percent of those 50 to 64.

  • Inbound leads cost less than 50% compared to Outbound leads

  • 88% of customers have read reviews to determine the quality of local business

  • 70 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that they’re following on a social site.



When it comes to attracting, converting, closing, and delighting there is nothing out of scope with our capabilities.