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As the first on-demand operations team driven by technology, we were built from the ground up to help forward-thinkers to the person that wants to open a local restaurant building thriving businesses. With our unique on-demand system and agile team, we are transforming how business services are delivered.

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Genwise+ Start a business

As founders, we understand starting a business is tough; finding the right people and resources to build out your vision. We help you map out your idea all the way through launching the business into the market. Our method minimizes wasted time and expenses by guiding you throughout the journey.

$100/month + $95/hour

  • Dedicated Operations Director

  • 60-minute service to make advancements on your goals

  • Customized Command Center to interact with your business

  • Access to a business network

  • Priority Support to find the answers to your questions


Genwise+ Enhance existing business

Our core goal is to set customers up for success with their business to effortlessly manage in one organized place and services to help move them forward. We strive to provide easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions to build businesses in a sustainable way. Our team focuses on optimizing the way you work by creating lean operational models that are tailored to your needs. A key part is to determine the best technology and service solutions that can bring you the biggest benefit to how your company runs.

$100/month + $95/hour

  • Dedicated operations director (One Hour of Service)

  • Customized command center

  • Access to business network

  • Priority Support to find the answers to your questions

  • Focus on decreasing cost and increasing revenue

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Enjoy the Benefits

  • Security - All systems are cloud-based and protected by trusted third party providers

  • Customization - Tailor fit technology to how you work and your business needs

  • Scalable Infrastructure - Have the right software in place to grow a long side your business

  • Accessibility - Work from either mobile or desktop versions that allow for real-time collaboration

  • Updates - Stay up to date on the latest business tech trends

How would it feel if you had more time for yourself while the business is working for you?

 A successful business needs to have an effective way of organizing their tools, resources, and people.

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Our gift to you

We give free access to vetted resources and a custom Command Center for organizing and managing a business in one place. Optimize the way you work by:

  • Organizing your business documents, resources, and data

  • Integrating multiple business systems

  • Managing marketing and sales in a unified way