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One place to get work done.

The Command Center to manage your business in one place

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A successful business needs to have an effective way of organizing their tools, resources, and people.

This is why we have built an all-in-one Command Center that allows you to build and operate a business in one place. Optimize the way you work by:

  • Organizing your business documents, resources, and data

  • Integrating multiple business systems

  • Managing marketing and sales in a unified way

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Enjoy the Benefits

  • Security - All systems are cloud-based and protected by trusted third party providers

  • Customization - Tailor fit your Command Center to how you work and your exact business needs

  • Scalable Infrastructure - Facilitate managing sales growth and training your team

  • Accessibility - Work from either mobile or desktop versions that allow for real-time collaboration

  • Platform Agnostic - Connect any tool or system to your Command Center

We decided to take a collaborative approach by establishing partnerships and created a platform that allows businesses to get organized and operate with a clearer path to success.

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Join our Support Plan and enhance the way you operate

If you need help with your business, join our Support Plan! We’ll help you tailor your Command Center to how you work and find ways to optimize the way your business operates.

Access to Support Team $99/month per company

  • Work with an assigned Genwise specialist to help you navigate the business and technology world

  • Get dedicated research on solutions that can fulfill your needs

  • Virtual meetings to make advancements on your goals

  • Priority Support to find the answers to your questions.

How would you feel if you had more time for yourself while your business is working for you?