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One place to get work done.

All-In-One Place Designed For Small Business


 A successful business needs to have an effective way of organizing their tools, resources, and people.

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Our gift to you

We give free access to vetted resources and a custom Command Center for organizing and managing a business in one place. Optimize the way you work by:

  • Organizing your business documents, resources, and data

  • Integrating multiple business systems

  • Managing marketing and sales in a unified way


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Enhance the way you operate

Want help in optimizing your business? No problem,  we offer dedicated support to help you navigate the business and technology world.

$149/month per company

  • Work with a Business Coach to help you navigate the business and technology world

  • 60-minute meeting to make advancements on your goals

  • Get dedicated research on solutions that can fulfill your needs

  • Access to our vast network of specialists for problem solving in different areas

  • Priority Support to find the answers to your questions.


Genwise One

Operate with a clearer path to success!

The Genwise business consulting services, where we work directly with businesses to solve their problems. Our team focuses on optimizing the way you work by creating lean operational models that are tailored to your needs. A key part is to determine the best technology and service solutions that can bring you the biggest benefit within the following business lines:

  • Marketing -  How do you appeal to your customer audience? What is your detailed process for bringing in a customer? What software are you using?

  • Technology - What software are you using in the business & are you building out your own tech?

  • Operations - How do you onboard new team member and what workflows do you have in place?

  • Legal - What is the structure on your business? Do you have an operations agreement, sales process, privacy policy, etc?  

  • Finance - How do you manage your books? What accounting and payment systems do you use? Do you use CPA or Fractional CFO services? 

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Enjoy the Benefits

  • Security - All systems are cloud-based and protected by trusted third party providers

  • Customization - Tailor fit technology to how you work and your business needs

  • Scalable Infrastructure - Have the right software in place to grow a long side your business

  • Accessibility - Work from either mobile or desktop versions that allow for real-time collaboration

  • Updates - Stay up to date on the latest business tech trends

How would it feel if you had more time for yourself while the business is working for you?